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February 16, 2014
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February 16, 2014
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Looking down at the source of the Nile

Jinja is the town located on Lake Victoria – Source of the Mighty Nile River. It has a population of about 45,000 in an extremely well built tight knit community. It is an awesome sight to see where the White Nile begins, as it leaves Lake Victoria on its 3,470-mi/5,590-km journey to the Mediterranean. Nearby the Owens Fall Dam has somewhat diminished the rivers excitement. However, it is still a great place to Raft.

We spent a day rafting Bujagali Falls amongst the rapids and yes, crocodiles though luckily didn’t see any. It was awesome fun and an extremely cool experience.

The campsite – Nile Rivers Explorers Campsite is a really great place to stay, overlooking Nile it is a great place to pitch your tent. Not only has this but they had a great relationship with a Charity group, called “Soft power Education”. From the camp you can arrange to do a day of volunteer work, visiting and helping some of the local schools, which was absolutely fantastic. They have had a great impact on several schools in the area, and working with them certainly gave me a feel of the whole community working together, bringing tourists and locals alike into unison.

On the hill overlooking the Mighty White Nile as it leaves Lake Victoria, this campsite offers absolutely everything. It has a bar, can arrange rafting, has strong community links through its affiliation with Soft power and Nile River Explorers & Explorers Backpackers just down the road on Wilson Avenue, it’s in a great gorgeous location. There is a spot if you wander down the hill where you can take a dip in the waters of the Nile, should you wish, go quad biking, take a walking tour of the villages. There are heaps to do and see.

Of most interest out of all the facilities though, and this may sound odd, was the really cool shower blocks. Overlooking the waters of the White Nile, they have a front door as you walk in, but are completely open at the back. Doesn’t worry, the trees allow you feel secluded. It is really strange yet cool to stand in an open aired shower block washing away the days grime after rafting and just stare out at the view. No shower experience can beat that!

From our campsite we arranged a trip with Nile Rivers Explorers to raft the mighty Nile, which has its source here in Jinja. Bujagali Falls offers some excellent rapids between grades 2 to 5. You get lunch included and raft the whole day. It is a really cool experience and so much fun and adrenaline. I always was a little wary of Rafting, but the guides were very good and I had some of the most fun auctioned packed hours of my life out on that river.

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